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Not enough items in stock to deck your table?

I work in small batches, so that's very possible! Luckily that's where the made to order comes in!

I am currently available for dinnerware orders and personalized cat-illustration orders. 
See more info below!

Dinnerware custom-made for you



- Handmade plates from black and natural stoneware clay.
- Glazed with a food-safe glaze. 
- The color options are currently: white wash, wabi-sabi, natural, black and white brush.
- Diameter options: 16 cm (cracker plate), 18 cm (small salads), 21 cm (lunch plate), 25 cm (dinner plate).*




- With or whitout foot, hand-pinched from black and natural stoneware clay.
- Glazed with a food-safe glaze.
- The color options are currently: wabi-sabi, dark celadon, natural, gray blue and black.

- Diameter options: 11 cm (for dips), 13 cm (for snacks), 15 cm (for soup).*

Send your order quantity, size and color desire to: for a price calculation. 
Orders ranging from 4 items currently get a 10% discount.

*Due to the handmade nature, bowls and plates can only be created on the base of a size and color estimate.

Bowls and plates may vary in millimeters and exact color density.


Your furry heart and soul eternalized


Out of fondness for our furry friends we would do a lot to eternalize them - like getting a tattoo. I've fantasized about this myself (my pets are my heart and soul) untill I found an option that worked much better for me: placing them on my ceramics. No, not like Pluisje in the photo above. But in the examples below!

You can order a minimalistic illustration of your pet,

drawn in a handmade bowl.

This can be precious to have for yourself or to give as gift. Send me (Christina) a couple charasteristic photos of your pet and I will create a hand-pinched bowl with a custom made line illustration for you.

Price options (incl. 1 feedback round, food-safe glazed bowl, and a unique illustration of your pet inside.) Excl. 21% VAT and delivery:

11 cm natural bowl:         € 45,-       
11 cm wabi-sabi bowl*:    € 48,-

15 cm natural bowl:        € 65,-
15 cm wabi-sabi bowl*:   € 70,-

* = wabi-sabi line illustrations are a little less crisp in comparison to natural line illustrations. This due to the nature of the glaze and clay.

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The special package (only available in the Netherlands).

A special special one. 

With this offer I will visit your home and conduct a one- to two-hour drawing session on location - to catch the the essence of your beloved pet(s) in real time (my preferred way of working!).
After the session I will customly design and create a dinner set that includes two large 15 cm. footed bowls, two 13 cm. bowls and two 11 cm. bowls, complete with the illustrations made in your own home.  

Price (incl. ± 1.5 hours drawing on location and a custom hand-pinched ceramic set):             € 505,- (excl. 21% VAT and travel costs)

Orders take 4 to 6 weeks to complete (ceramics need 2 to 3 weeks to dry before being fired).


Mail Christina on: for putting up orders and gathering info.