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Flower cup 1

Flower cup 1


Can carry around 180 ml of hot drink for you. A sturdy cup that lies steady in your hands.

Handpinched from natural stonewareclay and handpainted with underglaze. 
This cup is unique and created while looking at wild plucked flowers. This year I've chosen to go for flowers that we see everywhere around us and are really part of us. But also the flowers that you might notice less, cause you've seen them before. But did you know that these are the flowers that are really sturdy? Daisies and dandelions for example close off during rain, and daisies even appear to be able to duck their heads when a landmower mows over! Isn't that awesome!!

A one of a kind cup. Foodfriendly and dishwasher proof. 
Small imperfections are part of the crooked garden aesthetic.

Approx. diameter 8 cm, height 8 cm, weight approx. 240g

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