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Little robin (a4)

Little robin (a4)


This robin actually kickstarted this collection! Around my home I barely see them, but during a little trip I kept seeing this small robin. Proud bright red chest forward. Small curious looking eyes. And such a nice round shape with those thin paws poking out.

I then googled what robins stand for spiritually and it appeared that robins stand for following your heart, even when your heart feels broken. Robins carry their chest bright red in the open. That resonated with me.
A couple weeks later, I spotted one in my own forest. A friend pointed her out to me. I would have had no idea, but it appears that robins like to hop around on fallen trees, more on the lower side of the forest. So you need to know where to look, and then you'll see them. 

This is an illustrative ode to that robin. The robin on the pole, as she caught my attention for the first time. Surrounded by winter twigs and leafs, as a nod to winter. A time of turning inwards.


I wanted to let this illustration be printed, for more people to (hopefully) enjoy a piece that I've created with love. Filled with tiny details, with life. Created with a ultramarine blue watercolor and now turned into a print. This print is in a4 format and is a limited edition. I go to this little printshop in the city of Groningen where I have direct contact with the printmaker. I've let her be printed on watercolor textured Fuento paper. As a finishing touch I've removed the hard edges of the print, to really make a smooth finish. The illustration is hand signed and numbered (limited edition of 25).

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