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Povilno candle white by Julia & Christina

Povilno candle white by Julia & Christina


When Russia invaded Ukraine in the beginning of this year, I started to give workshops to refugees that could use a small moment of 'pause' and just create. This is where I met Julia, a courageous, lion hearted, Ukranian woman and mother, who started helping me out with organizing the workshops. 
She has this love for candle making and after a quick trip to Kiev last month, she managed to take some of her soy wax with her. I opened my atelier to her and the last week she gave me a real private candle making workshop, which resulted in this candle! A crooked soy candle (there are a couple drying cracks in it, but when you light her that will fade away, I've asked Julia about this), with a hint of lavender essential oil (a HINT cause I'm very sensitive in smell), topped with a bit of lavender from my garden. And a wooden wick! I love those!

When the candle is done with firing (never leave a candle alone, or close to something that can catch on fire) you can clean the cup out and you actually have a nice foodsafe drinking cup! I know this is quite nice. Ey ey!

Julia and me split the money of these candles!

Small imperfections are part of the crooked garden aesthetic.
Approx. diameter 7,5 cm, height 7 cm, weight approx. 400g

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