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Povilno mug

Povilno mug


A handpinched mug, unique and made to fit nicely into your hand. Can carry a good coffee. Handpinched from natural stoneware clay and glazed with a natural matte glaze on the outside and a glossy transparent on the inside for a food friendly finish. 

Topped with the Ukranian word for 'take it slow'. Or as was explained to me during a workshop: 'be freedom'. Which reveals a word with different layers. I think that povilno says a couple things. Amongst them to take it slow, but also to realise that peace isn't something that every human is lucky to have. A cup with a story.

Cup is dishwasher proof, but ceramics do like to be handwashed because thats a bit less agressive. 

Approx. diameter 8,5 cm, height 5,5 cm, weight approx. 260g

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