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Robin on a branch, handpainted cup

Robin on a branch, handpainted cup


I have a birding friend that teaches me a lot about birds. When we recently did a walk through our favorite forest (I think it is her favorite aswell, but I can't be sure) I asked her why I barely see robins in our village and if she did spot them. She smiled and told me that robins actually like to hop around on low branches or fallen trees, and pointed right at a robin that was actually in our sight. I would have never seen that robin by myself, because it was then that I saw that robins really are great camouflagers. But there it was, a small flash of a bright orange chest. 
For me, a very rare sight. And one that I now enjoy looking for in the forest, now that I know what to look for. This cup is an ode to that moment. 

Cup is handpinched from natural stoneware clay, illustrated with a kobalt blue underglaze and then topped with a transparent glossy glaze for a food friendly finish. There is only one of this cup.


Cup is dishwasher proof, but ceramics do like to be handwashed because thats a bit less agressive. 

Approx. diameter 8,5 cm, height 6,5 cm, weight approx. 280g

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