A Crooked hello to you!


Crooked Garden was born somewhere around 2017, during a stressful graduation year at art school. Pinching pots proved to be the perfect vessel for my need for making im-perfect things. It was a vessel that didn't judge me - which created freedom.


I've learned along the way that the Japanese have a word for this called; 'Wabi-Sabi'. Which means looking at the world with an acceptance for imperfection, and through that, seeing beauty. That is what Crooked Garden stands for. The beauty of imperfection. Of character, of flaws, of cherishing the charasteristic crookedness that we carry in all of us

I welcome you wholeheartedly, and wish you a lovely visit in this webshop. This is the space where I present my crooked creations, which have taken hours and hours to create through a carefull hand-pinching process (so no wheel!). You can also find more info about my pinchpot workshops and how to place an order (because the webshop mostly has a very limited stock).


Have fun and always feel free to contact me on:


Psst! I have more pictures on my instagram. The prettiest ones are made by photographers Antoinet Murier, Dian Dillema and Floris Duijn.