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Anker tablewarre

Photography: Dian Haverkort

Photography: Lucie Beck

Published in: 'Kook mee met Max' - 2019
Photography: Lucie Beck
Styling: Renske van Buuren


Ceramics created to let food stand out. All glazes are matte glazes, applied with a brush.
Feel free to contact Christina when an item isn't available - or when you're looking for a particular color/design, on the Crooked Garden instagram or

NOTE: This collection is created to be photographed.
Matte glazes are not suitable for everyday use (even though I use foodsafe glazes).
Eating your styled pancake from them is fine, but for everyday dinnerware items that are dishwasher proof, can resist heavy knife use etc. I recommend the items from the other collections (glazed with glossy glazes). 

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