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Deep blue teacup with heron inspired ear

Deep blue teacup with heron inspired ear


This summer, during a nice conversation, I created a cup that I wanted to give a heron inspired ear. Something that was inspired from the elegant neck of a heron. 
The cup resulted in a bit of a weird looking cup, which after baking I decided would be a gift to my therapist, because my therapist deserved a gift. But.. I actually never gifted the cup and kept grabbing for her in my cubbard. The cup was nice, big and actually pretty nice to hold. Suprisingly! So, behold. I've made two more of her. A blue cup and a green cup. I thik that they deserve a spot in this collection. 


This mug is handpinched, unique and made to fit nicely into your hand.
She can carry 150ml of (hot) drink for you. Handpinched from natural stoneware clay and glazed with a deep blue (and food safe) glaze. The glaze is applied with a brush, so a paintery effect comes to life, with a unique landscape as result.


Mug is dishwasher proof, but ceramics do like to be handwashed because thats a bit less agressive. Small imperfections are part of the Crooked Garden aesthetic.


Approx. diameter 9 cm, height 6 cm, weight approx. 250g

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