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Heron in the trees - cup

Heron in the trees - cup


One day when I was walking Olaf, an heron soared over our heads and I saw him landing in the trees up ahead. The heron perfectly blended in, so Olaf and me followed to see if we could spot him. It took a while, but there he was a paradox in sight. This big, ancient looking creature with his long legs and allmost prehistoric eyes, perched in a tree. Like a small bird. 
It was a sight to behold. I didn't bring my sketchbook so I filmed what I saw and knew that I would create something inspired by that experience.

And here she is, the heron in the trees cup. Shaped like a bit of a bell, which suprisingly is nice to hold and also nice to drink from (in my opinion, at least). She has been fully handpinched from natural stoneware clay. She has been glazed a glossy white on the inside (nice to clean) and a matte white on the outside, with different glazes that are abstract impressions, from that particular sight of the heron in the trees.

I think that this cup is a table stunner. A functional and uniqe piece of art.


She can carry around 150 ml of (hot) drink for you! She's dishwasher proof, but ceramics do like to be handwashed because thats a bit less agressive. Small imperfections are part of the Crooked Garden aesthetic.

Approx. diameter 9 cm, height 8 cm, weight approx. 260g

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