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Magpie, handpainted cake plate

Magpie, handpainted cake plate


We recently needed to visit the weekend doctor for my 16 months old son. The weekend doctor was located in a hospital - the same hospital that we needed to stay the night in when he was only 3 days old. My anxiety did a massive spike. But then, I saw these two magpies fly over our heads, and a small part in me was comforted. Our feathered friends are everywhere, also above the hospital. I think I felt a little less alone then. So here is a small ode to those two magpies.

This plate has been handbuild with stoneware clay, handpainted with a kobalt blue underglaze and topped with a glossy transparent glaze for a foodsafe finish. Only one available.

This item likes being washed by hand, but dishwasher is ok too.

Small imperfections are part of the crooked garden aesthetic.


Plate: approx. diameter in length 15,5 cm weight approx. 200g

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