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Good progress (a5)

Good progress (a5)


A snail does what he does what he does what he does.


This model snail was actually quite the old snail. I removed a thorn from his body and he actually seemed thankfull. I also saw that at some point his house had suffered some damage, but he had managed to fix it. When I also brought in a younger snail he allmost entirely moved inside his house, but left his eyes out. I found this quite funny. In all honesty Im not sure if this sketch is from the younger snail or the older snail. Anyhoo, after the model session I've placed both under my sunflowers. They love sunflowers. 
I'm sorry for this very random description of this event. I made many drawings of them and I liked this one best. And it's fun to have a bit of mystery around which snail it was.

This print is in a5 format and is a limited edition.
I go to this little printshop in the city of Groningen where I have direct contact with the printmaker. I've let her be printed on 300 gram biotop paper. As a finishing touch I've removed the hard edges of the print, to really make a smooth finish. 
The print is signed and numbered (edition of 25).

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