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Snail vase!

Snail vase!

€39.00 Regular Price
€33.15Sale Price

Snail has a tiny black mark next to him, cause I dripped his black glaze a bit on the vase and tried to brush it away but man that glaze is a tough glaze. 

Anyway, snail vase!!! Only one available. Handpinched with natural stoneware clay and topped with a snail! Inspired by the snail that snailed over one of my vases a year ago. He even has a glossy snail track so that you can see his journey :) I've glazed the inside of the vase, to make it hold water, but you are also free to show off nice dried flowers in this vase. Snail likes both!

Approx. diameter 7 cm, height 14 cm, weight approx. 400g

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