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Wabisabi pitcher with flying heron - medium quality pour small drip

Wabisabi pitcher with flying heron - medium quality pour small drip

€95.00 Regular Price
€76.00Sale Price

Wow this is the first pitcher that I'm selling on Crooked Garden! I have been creating a couple the past years and have finetuned them more and more. The pour isnt perfectioned yet, so that's the reason for the discount. But the handle, that firm handle: I love it. It's this chonky being. A presence. 

Pitchers take quite a while to create, and then the glazing is also this buttclenching process. But the kiln spirit has blessed this pitcher and wow. She is one of a kind. Really a true being. 

She is topped with my moment sketches of 'the heron that flew away'. I had these couple weeks in where I wasnt able to draw herons cause they just kept flying away. Eventually I was ready for it to happen and went: 'I will draw you flying away then'. And the heron was like: 'ok but make me look good.' And so her flying essence was caught in this minimal line of drawings, that now have found their place on this pitcher.

Lengthy story! Ok, the ceramics info:

Slabrolled and finished with handpinching from black stoneware clay. One of a kind. Foodfriendly and likes to be washed by hand. It's a strong glaze so I expect it to be dishwasher proof, but be gentle.  Small imperfections are part of the crooked garden aesthetic.

Approx. diameter 12 cm, height 12 cm, weight approx. 600g

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