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Deep blue big bowl

Deep blue big bowl

€67.50 Regular Price
€47.25Sale Price

This bowl has a discount added, because of a couple pinholes in the glaze. Somehow they are only placed on the inside of the rim. So not in the middle of the bowl. The functionality of the bowl is ok, but in regards to hygiene (bacteria potentially piling up in the pinholes if not deeply cleaned) I wouldnt suggest to let it hold soup or a substance that fills them up easily. I do think that a salad or just fruits still in their jackets is totally fine because the glaze is a food safe glaze. Or to use the bowl to display items on.

A gorgeous deep blue bowl, fit for big salads (or display fruits) and to be a real character on your table. This bowl is slab rolled and put into a form, and then with rhytmic movement with my hands slowly pressed down, for a real handmade result. The bowl is glazed with a foodafe deep blue glaze, brushed on, for an organic glaze effect.

For a deep clean I would suggest to put this bowl in the dishwasher. Small imperfections are part of the crooked garden aesthetic.

Approx. diameter 27 cm, height 5 cm, weight approx. 700g

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