Flower bowl I

Flower bowl I


One of a kind handpinched bowl, made from natural stonewareclay. Illustrated with underglazes while looking at gathered wildflowers and topped with a natural glossy glaze (so these wildflowers can last a lifetime). The outside of this bowl is glazed with a matte glaze. Ready to carry your breakfast, chips, fruits or to just look very pretty on your shelves (but she hopes that she will be used to carry your foods because that's what she's made for).
Foodfriendly and dishwasher proof. One of a kind.
Small imperfections are part of the crooked garden aesthetic.

Approx. diameter 14,5 cm, height 4,5 cm, weight approx. 270g


Groningen, Netherlands
Handmade ceramics & workshops

For questions or other inqueries, feel free to send a mail to: info@crooked-garden.com 

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