Mug tea/coffee set, spectrum

Mug tea/coffee set, spectrum


Handpinched mug from black stoneware clay with a handmade plate as companion. NOTE: A small discount has been added, because of the different style of Crooked Garden signature (normally it gets ingraved). One of a kind and only one available.

Glazed with the pectrum glaze (food safe), for a comfortable everyday use.
This item likes being washed by hand, but dishwasher is ok too.
Small imperfections are part of the crooked garden aesthetic. 

Mug: approx. diameter 9 cm, height 6,5 cm, weight approx. 280g 
Plate: approx. diameter 15 cm weight approx. 280g


Groningen, Netherlands
Handmade ceramics & workshops

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