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Rectangular plate, 29 cm

Rectangular plate, 29 cm


Handmade rectangular plate created from stoneware clay, topped with a matte black glaze (NOTE: this glaze is beautifull to present on and to eat off, but isn't suitable for heavy knife work because of the matte nature. The brother of these is a favorite at my home, but once I tried to knife through something tough on it and those marks never left.). Each plate has variations due to the handmade cut-out of the plates and the brush-on glazing technique, which makes each one unique. Dishwasher proof. 

Plate: approx. diameter 29 cm length, 17cm width, height 1 cm, weight approx. 650g

  • Care

    Food-safe and dishwasher friendly. Not suited for heavy knife work (can leave marks).

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