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Set of small bowl friends natural

Set of small bowl friends natural


A nice set of three small bowls, handpinched in a rough and primal way. To carry everything that fits in them for you. Nuts, fruits, sauces, but also your rings or watercolor water. I've been using these daily for a while now and they serve me for many things. Go to friends. 

They are handpinched from natural stoneware clay and glazed on the inside with a food-safe glossy glaze. Each set of three is a bit different shaped, because they've been made by hand. I think that handwashing them suits them best, but I'm a bit lazy so I put them in the dishwasher. Whatever floats your boat!

Bowls: approx. diameter 6-8 cm, height 3-4 cm, weight a piece approx. 100g

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