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Shapes card set

Shapes card set


A card set of three, printed on white 350g biotop paper in a local printshop. 
These cards represent playing with shapes and are quality photos of artworks that I've made by

cutting out pieces of recycled cardboard. I have found this a very soothing practise the past months. Playing with shapes and trying to find a balance that works is something that I can do for hours and also stare at for a long time. For example the card with the dots, there is a whole balance, even though the longer you look at it, the more your see that each dot is different in color and texture. I like that :) And ofcourse this set has the sun, cloud, raindrop and apple, which are the visual representers of Play Town and life itself. 

On the back I have stamped them with '@crookedgarden' in the left bottom corner. 

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