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Sleeping heron in her forest (a4)

Sleeping heron in her forest (a4)


Softly the wind brushes through the reeds, creating a gentle ambience in a peacefull night. The heron stands perched on her favorite tree, in her favorite forest. She sleeps.

I wanted to let this illustration be printed, for more people to (hopefully) enjoy a piece that I've created with a lot of love. Filled with tiny details, with nature. Created with a ultramarine blue watercolor and now turned into a print.

This print is in a4 format and is a limited edition. There are two paper print options available: a clear smooth paper (300 gram biotop) and a paper with a bit of a watercolor texture (fuento).
I go to this little printshop in the city of Groningen where I have direct contact with the printmaker. As a finishing touch I've removed the hard edges of the print, to really make a smooth finish. 
The illustration is hand signed and numbered by Christina Kingma, creator of Crooked Garden (edition of 25).

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