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Snail bowl snail bowl

Snail bowl snail bowl


I'm so happy that this bowl exists! That might sound a bit odd but here is the story: the first bowl that I made after giving birth, was this collaboration bowl that I made together with my mother. I pinched the bowl, she decorated it. I was intrigued by her choice of shapes, but I also felt that they needed a bit of extra, a bit of life. A snail :) And so I made a cup for myself, painted with shapes inspired by that bowl and with snails. I've been happily drinking from this cup the past months and now I felt that she deserved a bowl sister. This bowl! 

Bowl is a low bowl, has a nice bit of weight and has been glazed foodsafe. Would be nice for breakfast I think! Or chips. Or fruits. Anything really. A good to go bowl. Very one of a kind. 

Bowl likes being washed by hand. But dishwasher is OK too. Small imperfections are part of the crooked garden aesthetic.
Bowl is approx. diameter 17 cm, height 3 cm, weight approx. 450g

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