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The flying heron, handmade linoprint

The flying heron, handmade linoprint


Fot 6 years I've been creating minimalistic moment drawings. Plein air, out in nature mostly. And now I've realized that I can trasfer the exact lines, fully handmade, with lino cut. So my hand really stays in it throughout the entire process. It feels like a puzzle doing *click*. 

I've printed this lino cut 6 times, with deep blue ink, on quality 120 gram drawing paper. There are slight variantions in the prints, because of their handmade nature. The size of the paper it was printed on is approx 14.5 cm by 18.5 cm. 

This flying heron was selected out of multiple linos and stood above them with head and shoulders. I've been spotting this heron before in my village. I can recognize him by his size and the way he carries that black.. swoosh? on his head. A couple days ago he soared over the heads of me and Olaf with a loud call and landed next to us in the bank of the ditch, ready to model. I've filled my sketchbook with drawings of him, and this drawing of the moment that he took off to go back to the forest really stood out. And so he has been transported to lino, into an image that lasts, but still carries his flight. The soft breeze moving through the reeds. The cold wind of the start of winter on my cheecks, fingertips all red. But with a warm heart, of that I managed to catch something that I was looking for. And could take it home with me :)

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