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The heron plate - minor fault, underglaze smooch

The heron plate - minor fault, underglaze smooch

€65.00 Regular Price
€45.00Sale Price

The allmost perfect lunch plate. I've taken my time in decorating this plate, with a fully kobalt blue underglazed illustration. It's a result of many hours practising in creating these one-swipe flowers. The design is inspired from one of the first sketches that I made of a heron standing in a field - which makes this design very personal and precious. I truly hope that this plate will live a happy life in a home where she'll be appreciated. She vibrates love, attention and curiosity. And a bit the vibes of the romantic painter Caspar Friedrich, man on the mountain, if I look closer at it.  
The heron gazes into the distance, spring has come to life around him. 

I tried to gently swipe away a bit extra underglaze, which resulted in this bit of a smooch cloud around the heron head. So that's the reason of the discount. Doesn't change anything about functionality. 

Glazed with a clean glossy (and food safe) glaze for a comfortable everyday use. Only one available.

This item likes being washed by hand, but dishwasher is ok too.
Small imperfections are part of the crooked garden aesthetic. 

Plate: approx. diameter in length 19,5 cm weight approx. 400g 

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