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Wabisabi freedom release vase

Wabisabi freedom release vase


The only Crooked Garden vase that will be sold this year. A special vase that design wise leans on the other vases that I've made this year (but that I will keep for myself). A vase is a precious creation and because of the time and effort spend to build it, becomes this piece that you really get a connection with. Vase was build from the thought of freedom release. What is the posture of freedom, is that standing on the tip of your toes, breathing in clean air and exhaling with your arms wide? That is what this vase stands for. A curious snail has landed on it and is exploring her shape. She's a living vase, non-polished. Because I wasn't polished this year either. 

She can hold a bouquet of flowers or nothing at all. I think that she will be a beautifull and curiosity invoking complement to your interior. A vase with a personality. A story. There is only one of her. In this world!

Small imperfections are part of the crooked garden aesthetic.
Approx. diameter (top) 14 cm, height 23 cm, weight approx. 1 kg

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