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Wabisabi heron gazing into the field mug

Wabisabi heron gazing into the field mug


A unique creation, handpinched from black stoneware clay and glazed with a matte white glaze on the outside, and glossy ultramarine blue on the inside for a food friendly finish. The illustration is carved out, so has a bit of texture. Topped with a moment drawing of a heron that I saw gazing into the field, in a big piece of grassland that I bike through when I bike to my atelier. I've noticed that herons like to hunt when the cows are out in the field. Maybe they can use the cows to hide themselves behind them? I bet that it's effective because the time that I drew this heron, I saw three in that same field. 

Mug is dishwasher proof, but ceramics do like to be handwashed because thats a bit less agressive. 

Approx. diameter 8 cm, height 5,5 cm, weight approx. 300g

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