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Yunomi Wabi-sabi

Yunomi Wabi-sabi


This is the haute couture of the collection, the best that I can create. This yunomi cup takes a full day to take shape (I take big breaks in the process, but I've finetuned optimising the drying process to pinch the desired shape and thickness) and I pour all my focus into her. She is very unique and craftfully made if I'm allowed to say so myself. Her foot is cut out by hand.

This cup is handpinched, with stoneware clay and painted by Olaf with black underglaze. On the inside she has a glossy (and food safe) glaze and on the outside a matte (and foodsafe) glaze, for a comfortable everyday use.


I think that the power of these brushstrokes are that they carry a sense of freedom, free of perfectionism. I am deeply inspired and also intrigued by Olaf, that he can create these lines that I have practised so long to create - without succes. Abstract art is a slippery and often mis-understood field of art. But I feel.. that with this collection I'm hitting the spot. And that feels awesome.


Only one available and very one of a kind. This item likes being washed by hand, but dishwasher is ok too. Small imperfections are part of the crooked garden aesthetic.


Approx. diameter 8 cm, height 7 cm, weight approx. 300g

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